Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Great Advice Can Ruin a Writer's Day - Part 2

Back in July, I posted on Tali Spencer's brilliant blog: "Brilliant Disguise: Other Worlds, Other Loves...". In that post, I discuss the benefits of keeping a working timeline and how it helped me to analyze why the amazing advice of "writing X amount of words per day" was really getting me down.

At that point, I was 8 weeks into my timeline. In Part 2, I discuss being 14 weeks into my new project and how I've never felt better about writing less as the project goes on. What? Less words? Feel good?  "Jane!" you gasp, utterly shocked, your heart pounding with rivulets of excitement, "It can't be!" 

"I know, I know, you're right. It can't be; but perhaps, I'm the only one genius enough to have figured it all out."


Please visit my blog post here to read my short, but brilliant look at not just writing advice for those in the world of adult dating or erotica, but for fiction writers everywhere. 

Also, that picture above. That is original paper art work for my books covers. Hope you like it!

Be good and be safe,

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