Thursday, June 6, 2013

On role playing – Outside the bedroom

     I was visiting a museum once and like many people I have a tendency to wander. And this time, as I wandered back and up to my boyfriend, I had an idea.
     “Hi,” I said. “You like the painting.”
     He shrugged, still unaware of my plan.
     “I’m Jeanie,” I said. Definitely not my name.
     “That’s it,” I said with a knowing smile. “First time to the MOMA?”
     Now, we aren’t huge into role play but the game was on. We left the museum as strangers. We had coffee as strangers. We rode the subway to a different part of town. We sat on a bench and talked as dusk fell over us and he asked me if he could give me a kiss.
     First kisses are fun.
     Look, he got to be hit on by a girl and I got to hit on a strange man. Was it real? Of course not. But the brain is a very interesting little toy. It can be convinced. And honestly, even though we knew we were in safe territory, there was some apprehension about what we might say and we definitely didn't know where it would go. Just having a bit of fun with my man. 

Be safe,

PS. This is my all original paper art cover to my second story! Hope you like it. The inspiration is plucked from a scene in the story. 

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