Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keep Lust Alive!!

I recently had a conversation on twitter in which lust was the topic. Or, at least, I brought it up as my motto: Keep Lust Alive. The responses got me to thinking. And this damn thinking got me to writing. And so, here are my thoughts on how to keep lust alive:

For couples who have been together a long time, the precious, wondrous commodity known as lust can be hard to find. Sure, sex with the same love over and over again becomes stale. So, as Tom Robbins once wondered how to make love stay (in Still Life with Woodpecker), I wonder how to make lust stay? For me, it comes down to teasing. Tease your partner. Tease yourself. Get yourself really horny and then keep it there, stretch it out. I don’t think an orgasm comes at the end of thirty minutes of sex. And this may sound crazy, but I think an orgasm should come after three days.

Stay with me now.

That first night, there is a lot of kissing, oral sex and some sex, slow, not too extreme. No hard pounding. Maybe some more oral. Have a drink together. Watch a movie. Have more sex. Slow sex. And then nothing. Go to bed. No orgasms.

If you manage not to attack each other while sleeping, I’ll be impressed.

Next day, I need you to remember, no orgasms. Let’s pretend it’s a Saturday. Take a shower together in the morning. Wash each other. If he gets hard, stroke it. Take his hand and rub your lips with it. Let him push his cock between your legs, pushing your lips apart, teasing your hole.

Get out, dry off and eat some breakfast. Chores. Errands. Family. Do these things. They will provide you the convenience of forgetting about how horny you are. But occasionally, you’ll remember. It will hit you like a spike to the sternum and you’ll feel your crotch repeating your partners name over and over again, wishing it was night time, wishing that you could just get into bed with them.

Now, later that Saturday night is when it will really be hard. But listen, if it was easy, everyone would do it. And it may be hard, but this is when it gets fun, too.

Sit him on the bed and strip down in front of him. Your naked body is now twice as attractive as it was the night before. Lie on your stomach and have him give you a full body massage, coming oh so close to penetrating you with his fingers. But don’t let him in. Not yet. Lie your stomach and have him run his tongue up the crack of your ass. Normally, this would be great. But now you've been waiting a day and so it is better. Exponentially better. I know at this point, I’m thinking for fuck’s sake, pull my hips up in the air and mount me. I really want him. Even better, he knows I really want him and that makes him happy.

Ahhh, to be needed is all anyone really wants.

Look, the content of the sex isn't important. Do whatever you want but go slow. However long you normally have oral sex, double it. Triple it.

Use your imagination. Go slow. Take your time. Push it off. Tease until you’re about to break and then do it even longer. She will be wet. Really wet. Lay him down and climb onto his face, letting his chin rub you until you are aching to have him inside you.

Everything you do will be really good. Seriously. And I hate to say it, but no orgasms. Go to sleep.

If you can sleep the night through without attacking each other, you’re a better person than I.

You wake up. It’s Sunday. You have made it. I won’t keep on going with the specifics but you will be in a frenzy. You’ll barely be able to concentrate. You’ll be dying to fuck that partner you've been with for years because you will need it. I have nothing to say for Sunday except have fun. And watch out for lust. It’s powerful.  

Sex isn't a one-time event to be repeated once weekly or monthly. It's a chain. Sex is a hustle, a touch, a feel, a bit of playing, a tease marathon that never really stops. And to top it off, I promise these will be some of the best, body-shaking orgasms of your life. Even better, these orgasms won’t sate you. An hour later, you’ll be ready to go again. You’ll need to go again. You’ll lust for more.

And when you lust for that someone, it makes them feel fantastic. And they will be more open, more willing, more excited about being with you. And then you’ll be excited because they will want (and need) you. It’s a beautiful vicious circle built on teasing. I would be willing to argue that you’ll be doing things in bed you never even thought of before.

Keep lust alive.

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