Saturday, January 26, 2013

PAPER ART!! Get your paper art right here!!

I recently published my first story on Amazon and NOOK and this entry is about the process of creating the cover which was original art work all done in paper.

Well, honestly, the idea started with paint.

This was one flat canvas, all paint.
However, it's really hard to paint. Even harder to make an entire image of paint, especially when you aren't what one would call a painter.

The idea to do the entire cover in paper hadn't take root yet. So, cut out another door and painted it.

Same paint with the added paper door frames

I liked the doors in paper and the painted light would give it texture, depth and BRILLIANCE!

Noooooooot really.

However, I did like the perspective on the doors. Shadow too. But because of the aforementioned lack of skill with brush, and the result, paper would have to do it all. The image below is a rainbow effect of paper with some colors that held through to the final product.

The rainbow-ish paper effect was decent but then the Goddess of Process smiled her omniscient smile and a solution arrived which would match the light to the rest of the image. 

Lots and lots of DOTS!

And eventually, I hope the design and idea turned into a more cohesive work...

Also, because you can scan the image at various times, (i.e. without the title), many options are available to play with the product. BUTT! You'll have to wait and see in my next post. Try not to breakdown while waiting for it....

Be good and be safe,

Read about me and Martin in Jane Smith Divorced on Amazon or the Nook. Hope you enjoy.... ;-)

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