Monday, January 28, 2013

My Second Book Cover - actually just a teaser!

After the first book cover for Jane Smith Divorced took the world by storm, the emails and calls have not stopped coming in. Everyone is begging me, much the way hot welders beg when they want to bed me, that they NEED a teaser for the cover to Jane Smith Divorced 2 - my erotic stories about divorce, sex and more sex. Yes, there is sex in my stories. Detailed sex. Long, exhausting sex that is so fantastic that it will make you wish you had anyone, yes anyone, to hop into bed with.

So, here is a not very erotic image-teaser for my next cover...

Trees! Hee Hee...

Check out this link from my blog to see the process for the first cover (that took the world by storm). Get ready to be shocked at the cover. SHOCKED! 

Be Good and Be Safe,

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