Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Journals, even those with sex, don't make good Stories!

Success! Published my first story on the kindle platform. In that story, besides it being erotica, I suggest that journals could not possibly be a story. This is completely and utterly...

True! As much as I wanted it to be false. I keep my journal for all the reasons that people keep journals: to express myself during a difficult time, to make order in my mind for everything happening in my life – all damn good reasons to keep a journal. When I read over my entries, even casually, they provide perspective. It keeps the demons at bay when I need it most. For that, I’m eternally grateful. And I recommend a journal as a form of therapy to anyone and everyone. 

But then one evil day, what feels like years ago, an idea came along: share my experiences, my erotic experiences, and all the ridiculous things happening in my life, with other people. My story of divorce and the subsequent free fall into repeated and unbelievably amazing sex would have an audience. Take some time, cut some journal stories together, shift this here, play with time to make it fit, expand on the sex a bit. Easy right?

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Stories are damnably hard to write, even with the endless fodder and babbling of my journal to back me up. Turning My New Life Project of adult dating and erotica into readable stories is proving to be as hard as anything I've ever done. The reward is great. The process is brutal, but my first story is up on Amazon! I hope you enjoy the result.

Be good and be safe,

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